Trophy Walley Fishing on Lake Erie

Trophy Walley Fishing on Lake Erie

Went out with Perry, Roosevelt and Rick on an afternoon trip out of Grand River Ohio. Left the dock at 2:30 PM and headed out to 50′ of water. Slowly trolled using a 12 line spread of crank baits and Spoons off of the big planer boards.

The guys took turns reeling in fish, and a spirited competition sprung up as to who was reeling in the largest fish.

Perry and Roosevelt ended up with bragging rights as each of them reeled in a 28″ Walleye which qualifies them for fish ohio pins.

Ended the day with three limits and a bonus four extra fish from the Captains License.

They both earned free ball caps, part of the perks of booking a charter, as the person reeling in the largest fish can choose a shirt, coffee mug, or baseball cap.

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